Saturday, 12 May 2018

Vital Notes To Have On Epigenetics

By Peter Brown

Over the years, science has advanced in a great way. Many discoveries and inventions have been brought to light by some of the greatest individuals in the world. The human body is a very complex unit. But with the current technology and research methods, experts have been able to understand how most of its procedures happen. They have been able to come up with scientific procedures that have been able to show exactly how the human body functions, especially on understanding the genetic part of it. One of the most sensitive subject is epigenetics.

It is the study of changes in living things that are brought about by adjusting the gene character instead of changing the generic pattern as a whole. This concept of biology is able to control the heredity of an individual, in that it can render it active or inactive. This simply means that the genes of the person can either be held down or brought to light within a certain period of time.

Patterns of this concept are different in every individual, tissues in a person and varying body cells. The most common type of this generic modification is known as methylation. It involves connecting little molecules to different portions of the DNA. When this happens, that particular gene is silenced and it cannot produce any amount of protein.

The second type of developmental psychology is probabilistic epigenesis which is concerned with familiarities and external molding growth. It is very important to note that somatic inheritance particularly through the genetic factor contributes into the development of multicellular organisms.

Transgenerational inheritance involves genetic methylation which involves acquiring a genetic factor and passing it stably on through the gametes. This clearly shows that environmental exposures, experiences can alter the genetic factors without affecting the DNA and it could be passed on to your other generation that is your off springs.

It is, therefore, the responsibility of every individual to make sure that they engage in healthy habits and behaviors. This will in turn ensure that the future generations are safe from dangerous diseases such as cancer and premature deaths. However, epi-genetics does not only apply to inheritance of negative characters and health risks but also in the inheritance of healthy components.

Male infertility is also attached to this process whereby in the last few years scientific studies have tried to explain male barrenness and its source. Nonetheless, most of the factors causing bareness have not been clearly identified yet. Studies done by scientists have shown there is abnormal methylation of stamp genetic materials that are highly correlated to male bareness. Most of the males do not go for checkup thus the problem is not solved right from the beginning.

In conclusion, this specific study is very relevant in understanding how human genes operate. It also shows that there are certain lifestyles and environmental factors that could change the generic code in the DNA of an individual. However, most of this information is important to biologists and scientist who study the human body.

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