Tuesday, 29 May 2018

The Top Web Design Company's 4 SEO Metrics To Cover

By Arthur Williams

How do you know if your SEO strategy is working? The best way to do so is by tracking metrics, which are numerous, to say the least. Web design companies are able to keep track of these, but which ones should specifically be focused on? For those that would like to learn more, in order to improve their rankings in the future, here are the top 4 SEO metrics that should make it a point to track over the course of time.

Bounce Rate - For those that don't know, bounce rate refers to the number of people that visit a site and immediately leave. When this happens constantly, the bounce rate increases, which is a problem in the eyes of such companies as Lounge Lizard. This means that there is something wrong with the site, either from a navigational or overall performance standpoint. Fortunately, the top web design companies can correct this shortcoming.

Load Time - Generally speaking, a visitor will click away from a site if it takes longer than 3 seconds to load. It's easy to see why, as the growth of digital media fostered a sense of immediacy. People expect sites to load quickly, which is the case for the ones that are developed well. Otherwise, performance can come to a crawl. This is yet another SEO metric that should be tracked over the course of time.

Traffic - You should also be mindful of how many people visit your site through search. This is what equates to traffic, which can result in awareness, leads, and sales alike. To say that this is an important statistic would be an understatement, as it can tell a business owner how well their site is performing. If traffic is either coming to a halt or decreasing, it could be related to the site, which should be looked into as early as possible.

Keyword Rankings - When it comes to SEO metrics, this is arguably the most important one. Simply put, this refers to where a company is positioned on search engines for different keywords. Keep in mind that rankings will change as time goes on. This is dependent on your strategy, as it may need retooling as time goes on. By staying on top of your SEO game, keyword rankings will see a collective uptick.

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