Tuesday, 15 May 2018

Long Island SEO: 4 Things To Know About Video

By Arthur Williams

Content comes in many forms, but few stand out as well as video. Not only is it a common form of content, but it's one of the most engrossing to boot. Long Island SEO companies across the board can agree, which is why it's important to know how to use video to your advantage. It will help get your content out in a unique way. Furthermore, if you play your cards right, it can help you rank. In fact, here are 4 facts about video that deserve to be shared.

One of the most interesting factoids related to video is the popularity of YouTube. Did you know that it stands as one of the biggest social media platforms in the world? It's ability to produce and stream content can't be denied, but the likes of fishbat.com will tell you that users can connect, thereby opening opportunities to converse or collaborate. YouTube videos are watched billions of times each day, too, which is another strong statistic that a Long Island SEO expert can offer.

More than half of all people watch online videos every day, too. This makes sense, not only when it comes to the aforementioned popularity of YouTube but other social media channels. It's not far-fetched to log onto Facebook, only to see a video that one of your family members shared. What this means is that one's chances of watching videos will be greater. It also doesn't hurt that more and more people are becoming engrossed in digital media each day.

When it comes to the process of creating online videos, less is more. What this means is that your content should be short in length, but not too short to where information can't be accurately presented. If you can produce a video that falls under 5 minutes in length, you will be able to better maintain the user's attention. For those that are new to videography, length plays a major role in the success you'll see.

Finally, if you are still not sold on online video for your business, you should know that it can have a positive impact on SEO. After all, search engine optimization will be responsible for how well you rank on different search engines. Content plays a major role in this and video, provided it's optimized well, can be included in this conversation. The content in question should be engaging, but the descriptions should also include the right keywords and links. This will play a major role in SEO in the long term.

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