Wednesday, 18 April 2018

What To Do About A Teenager Broken Heart

By Virginia Butler

Having a broken heart can happen so easily. Often, it is unavoidable, but there are so many emotions attached that you can simply become detached. A teenager broken heart is even worse because you have not experienced anything like this before. It is a whole new set of emotions that come flocking in.

Their emotions are different because of the setting that they are in. They have not developed to that of an adult where they can put exterior elements out of their minds. There is stress at school because of work or because of friends. At this time of your life, relationships will be the main topic of conversation. Everyone at school knows who is pairing up with who.

Often, every little argument can turn into a crises for a teenage couple. They may decide to breakup or they may fear that they are going to breakup. This can feel like the end of the world. When it does happen, this is exactly what it does feel like for a teenager. Of course, for a mother it may not sound like a big trauma.

However, there is a time when this situation can lead to other issues with the teen. A teen that is prone to depression or anxiety may begin to fall downwards very quickly. Parents may feel that the child is blowing things out of proportion because they have only been seeing someone for a few months. However, what they don't realize is that the few months are something completely amazing for the teenager.

Parents try their best to deal with the situation. However, they often don't remember what it was truly like to be in this position. This is the difficulty. The teen needs to know that they are fully supported. Of course, even this is difficult because they often just need time. One also has to remember that teens will deal with the situation in their own way.

Not only does one suffer from a traumatic time with a heavy heart that can be such a burden, but there are other issues that crop up. For example, you will find that you have a lot of mood swings to deal with. You may become angry one minute and sad and lonely another. It is important to be in control of this. You need to know what is happening with your emotions.

Parents always have the child's best interest in mind. However, the way in which they explain things does not always go down well. Sometimes, they just need a shoulder to cry on. It is times like these when they need their mom, but when mom says things like, it is for the best or he was never right for you, then you can imagine why things go from bad to worse.

Saying that the same thing happened to you and the teen will come to terms with the loss will not be helpful. At this time in their lives they need a parent who is going to be there for them. They don't want mom or dad to talk down to them or to lecture them. It is important that parents know how to have empathy at this time.

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