Sunday, 4 June 2017

What Makes Moldavite So Special And Sought After?

By Christine Bailey

Meteor showers and comets are exciting to see in the night sky unless they come too close. Asteroids hit the earth all the time. We don't even notice the stardust specks, but boulder size asteroids get our attention. Imagine what happens when a huge meteor makes a direct hit to the earth. In one case, it was the catalyst for the extinction of dinosaurs. Millions of years ago, one landed where the Czech Republic is today. That explosion started the moldavite craze.

What people collect and wear today are not exactly meteor particles. They are the result of fragments embedded in the earth's soil and sand for millions of years. This is natural glass that began as a liquid splash from the meteor impact. As the liquid cooled, it solidified. Over the years its surroundings have etched unique textures in the glass, which is also known as tektite. The glass will have the deepest etchings where the sand and soil contains a lot of moisture.

This substance has a connection to the Holy Grail for some. While many believe the Grail is a cup, others argue that is was actually a green stone that fell from the sky. This tektite is green, and it fell from the sky. Mystical stones falling from the sky are a common theme in stories told throughout the world. The Grail is also believed to have healing powers and powers of rejuvenation.

When holding a piece of the glass, some people report feeling a strange sensation in their chests, and their faces may get red. This flushed appearance has become so common, people have named it. A lightheaded feeling and dizziness are other effects of the tektite for certain individuals. Although stories float around on the internet that the glass is evil, but has actually been worn for thousands of years as a talisman against evil.

Some people wear it for its professed physical, emotional, and spiritual healing qualities. For those interested in chakras, the glass is said to open all of them. It is most closely associated with the heart. People hold it during healing sessions for a sense of inner peace and well being.

Investing in the gemstone can be a good idea if you have been able to obtain a piece of considerable size. Anything over twenty grams is considered desirable. Large pieces are housed in museums and private collections throughout the world. Such rare items will only increase in value.

The specimens found in the town of Besednice are the most sought after and valued. Some of the pieces are extremely delicate and so thin it is hard to believe they have managed to survive for so long. The clay pits where they were originally found are closed now.

If you want a genuine piece of this extraterrestrial glass, you will have to know what you are looking at. Most of the pieces offered online and in specialty stores are fake. It doesn't really matter to some however. They just like the idea that an ancient meteor fragment may be around their necks or on their fingers.

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