Tuesday, 6 June 2017

The Top 3 Ecommerce Mistakes Web Design Companies Must Avoid

By Arthur Williams

Ecommerce is nothing short of essential, especially given how much we rely on the digital world today. While it's great that we can purchase items on the Internet and have them shipped to our homes, this type of platform simply doesn't appear out of thin air. It has to be built with quality intact, which is what website design companies are responsible for. If you'd like to learn how to go about ecommerce, start by avoiding these 3 potential oversights.

One of the most common eccomerce mistakes is not allowing multiple forms of payment. Some people are comfortable using their credit and debit cards. However, others might be more comfortable going through a third party, PayPal being perhaps the most prominent example. Regardless, companies such as Lounge Lizard stress the importance of multiple forms of payment. Keep this in mind when developing your ecommerce platform.

Another common ecommerce mistake is not retaining the items that were recently put into the shopping cart. While customers will add different items that they're interested in, there's a good chance that they'll click away. Instead of having the website forget the items in question, it should remember what was recently added. When the visitor returns, they won't have to add everything again. This is a great feature that will ensure sales.

Finally, no ecommerce platform should be launched without testing beforehand. Even though web design companies might be confident in their abilities, the truth of the matter is that no one's work is always perfect. As a matter of fact, without proper testing, customers might run into problems like items not being added to carts and even payments being made without confirmation. Regular testing matters, no matter what your ecommerce platform is designed to sell.

Website development companies will tell you that ecommerce matters for any business that sells products. It's easy to see why, given the fact that more and more people are focusing on the Internet for their goods and services. Ecommerce platforms can be developed, but it takes a healthy combination of skill and effort. If this combination is set in place, you'll be able to sell products at the numbers you're looking for.

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