Wednesday, 28 June 2017

Important Lessons Based On Moldavite

By George Brown

Several types of rocks are used for beautification purposes. These stones are valued by their size and weight in the gem market. These stones are green in color stones which have a glass like a look and are very rare to find. They have been tried out for medicinal purposes, but they are commonly used for making jewelry. Therefore, it is imperative for everyone interested in the Moldavite to understand its use and how it can be preserved.

This stone is classified into two groups. The museum type and the regular stone. They can be differentiated by texture and color where the museum type does not appear to be dark green, and it is light in weight. If looked through the sun, they are translucent, and they have a flowerlike appearance.

Scientific research has proven that this stone can be used to cure certain illness. This is made possible by wearing it on the neck and carrying a piece of it in your pocket for a specified period. However, it is believed that when you are in a spiritual moment, it produces energy that calms your mind and brings you closer to God. This is yet to be proved, but it has been sighted as effective.

Expensive rings and other jewelry have been made out of this stone, and they are expensive by value. Well off families can only afford the items, and this has made them remain unique more than the gold. The stone does not weather with the climate change, and this has contributed to the escalation of its buying price from the very few vendors available in the world.

Identifying an original gem is tough, and you should be armed with the necessary facts that will assist you in distinguishing it from the counterfeit stone. The stone is green in color, and it is identical to the glass at its edges. It is light, and big sizes are hardly available in the market.

When wearing the jewelry it gets exposed to dust and another kind of dirt, and it shall require cleaning. Considering the fragility of the stone cut items, handle it with caution to prevent it from falling when working on it. Use lukewarm water and apply a little soap when cleaning. It is recommendable to avoid using acidic materials for cleaning which might expose it to breakage and other unwarranted situations.

After wearing any jewel for a long time, you will need to clean it. In this case, it is advisable that you avoid using acids when cleaning the moldavites item. They get cleaned easily by use of warm soapy water, and you will have to rinse once with a soft towel. Maximum care should be observed when cleaning to ensure that the stone does not break.

Moldavites are believed to have been formed after a meteorite fell hitting the ground and due to the impact, these precious gems were formed. However, over the years they have been used as learning materials, ornamentals and are now being tried out for medicinal purposes. Follow the mentioned steps and get a chance of having this unique and precious stones.

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