Tuesday, 20 June 2017

Useful Facts About Moroccan Minerals And Fossils

By Amanda Brown

Africa is a rich continent. One of the richest African countries is Morocco. That is because of Moroccan minerals and fossils. The mining industry greatly contributes to the GDP of morocco. They are different kinds of minerals in this country. Most of them are produced for export purposes. Because of mineral wealth, this nation is fast transforming to a developed country. The proceeds from mineral sales are transforming Morocco in many positive ways. Every year, the skyline of Rabat, Morocco usually changes for the better. This country is undergoing a great transformation and is the fifth richest African nation.

The mining sector of Morocco is at an all-time high. At no time has it performed the way that it is currently performing. That has led to the flow of investors from different parts of the world. The locals are also benefit because of the increase in the number of jobs. That has caused the constant drop in unemployment rate.

There is a higher standard of living because of the high GDP of Morocco. Some people in this part of the world live just like people in the UK, France, Germany and the USA. That is due to high disposable income. Citizens of mineral rich countries usually earn a lot of money and there are many state incentives for citizens.

There has also been a domino effect. Other sectors are developing as well. That is how the economy normally works. A positive in one sector means a positive on the entire chain because no industry exists on itself. There is a great interdependence all through the economy. One sector produces the raw materials, the other processes them and another offers support services.

People who work in mines need somewhere to stay. They require housing. Due to that fact, the Moroccan real estate market is on an upward trajectory. Property developers are developing residential units at a rate never seen before. Some houses are made for those who would like to rent while others are being sold. There are also various commercial developments.

The banks and the insurance companies have also benefited from the mineral wealth. The process of exploring and extracting minerals is capital intensive. It requires investments worth millions of dollars. No company can afford to raise capital all by itself. There will be the need to list shares on the stock exchange or to take a loan from a bank.

Morocco also has fossils. Africa is the cradle of mankind. It is where the first humans settled. That explains why African states like Morocco are rich in fossils. Some of the remains that have been found in this part of Africa are thousands years old. Because of Morocco fossils, this country usually receives a high number of tourists every year.

Africa is not only about slums, war, and poverty. There is the good side of Africa and it is Morocco. This country is an African success story just like Nigeria, Kenya, South Africa and Egypt. The success of Morocco has been the subject of many studies. This country is prospering due to huge deposits of minerals like copper, phosphate, and steel among others.

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