Sunday, 5 August 2018

What One Needs To Know About Catholicism In Tennessee

By Patrick Mitchell

There are many good things that can be said about the Catholic Church. Most people on earth know about this church. After all, it is the biggest church in the world. It has billions of followers. Catholicism did not start yesterday. It has existed for thousands of years. In addition, it will not end any time soon. It will exist till the end of time. Catholicism in Tennessee is not a new thing. Since the formation of Tennessee and its admission to the union, there have always been Catholics in this beautiful American state.

Each major city in the state of Tennessee has a Catholic diocese. There is the Catholic Diocese of Memphis. One will also find the Catholic diocese of Nashville. Actually, big cities all over America have Catholic dioceses. A diocese has a number of Catholic churches. The head of the diocese is called a bishop. He is the spiritual leader of the believers that are found in the diocese in question.

The diocese has a head. He is called a bishop. The bishop is in charge of every activity in the diocese. He has the final say on everything that happens within the diocese. At times, he will preside over mass. When he is not there, a priest will deliver the service. To become a Catholic priest, one has to take the oath of celibacy.

Being a priest is not the easiest thing to do. First and foremost, training will take a number of years. It can even last for a decade depending on the commitment and diligence of an individual. Secondly, there is the matter of celibacy. Being a celibate is often times a hard thing for most people. Thus, one will need to decide.

The most senior position in Catholic faith is the position of papacy. Time and again, the pope will make important pronouncements. He will announce the position of the Church on the various issues of faith. The pope can excommunicate a priest as a result of unbecoming behavior. A pope will hold his position until death or resignation.

The pope occupies the papacy seat. Popes are not chosen. They are elected by the global council of Catholic archbishops. During the election of the pope, all the archbishops have to come to the Vatican. The pope is the ultimate spiritual leader of Catholic faith. The Catholic pope often times travel to different countries to preach peace and reconciliation.

Apart from clergy matters there is also the most serious matter of Catholicism. It is the Holy Bible. The Catholic faith does not take the Scripture lightly. It holds it with great reverence. The Bible is the guide of the true Catholic. There is no Biblical prophecy that will not be fulfilled. Most of them were fulfilled in the past.

In America, there is Catholicism. On the other hand, there is Protestantism. These are the two major Christian denominations. These two faiths have some differences. However, they have a good deal of similarities. The various denominations do not conflict each other. Actually, they complement each other. America is a Christian nation. However, there is freedom of religion in the United States.

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