Friday, 3 August 2018

What Is Behind The Evidence Of Immortality

By John Stewart

In this current digital age, there are many means of pleasures that people can lavishly spend on. Yet, there are still many reports of people attempting suicide and succeeding on it, and this is because they were not able to find satisfaction in this life. Sadly, the human race has failed in letting their fellow humans know that they are important in this messed up world. With the world being in a mess, it is imperative to know the deeper definition of the evidence of immortality for them to get the most out of their lives.

Albeit they have accomplished much in their jobs, or they have huge amounts of money in their pockets, there are still individuals who are struggling to find the significance of this lifetime. They end up losing their money on pleasures that gives them joy that have no permanence. After a night of pleasures, they return to their residences, still feeling lonely.

Some made their careers flourishing by sacrificing the humanity in them. They end up losing the love of their family members since they have prioritized their careers and spending too much time at work. They focus on supplying the material needs of their families, and ignoring the fact that quality time is the most important need to supply.

Surely, having complete meals every day, having clothes, and a house to live in is vital. However, having no one to share the meals with, to help in picking clothes that helps you look sharp, and a house that is empty will prove that these worldly things is really not that important. The worldly things people acquire in their lifetime are present to provide assistance in the survival in this green earth, and not the things that are to be top priority.

A number of people end up losing their relationships since they have took for granted the goodness of the hearts of their friends. Especially those who are co workers, one friend may have treated the friendship as rubbish just to get a higher position. Surely, a higher position equates in increasing income. However, losing someone whose presence was there every time you need it is not really a wise way to live.

The deeper definition is that when one dies, life is still there. Thus, worldly possessions should not be the top priority. The definition is that humans should be caring about the lives of everyone, the status of that individual does not matter along with their actions in the past, for there is a Mighty Being who is watching the creation.

However, God will not be judging His creation on the spoken words, or the deeds of an individual, and what the individual contemplates. The faith of that person will be the basis. However, only love should be spoken, only good deeds should be done, and spiritual thoughts must cloud the mind for the person to be truly faithful.

In this messed up world, it is not preventable to have loved ones who are struggling with depression and are having suicidal thoughts. Humans must prioritize the humanity in them, and lend a helping hand to those loved ones. Make them aware of how important they are.

Even with the many forms of entertainment, one will not satisfy the spirit with those kinds of entertainment. Entertainment is the time spent with families who loves you unconditionally. One should take heed of the true meaning, and get to know the Creator who will love you unconditionally.

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