Wednesday, 9 August 2017

Why Emojis Matter To Internet Marketing Companies

By Arthur Williams

Whenever you feel lazy, or simply want to make a text seem more creative, you add an emoji. These popular icons have been around for years, and to say that they've become mainstays on instant messaging platforms and smartphones would be an understatement. What you may not know is that emojis matter to Internet marketing companies. If you'd like to know how these can be used in the business sense, read on.

If you'd like to know how the likes of may use emojis, it'd be wise to start with social media. With so many posts to be shared, it may be in the best interest of an Internet marketing companies to include smiley faces or other appealing icons to posts. These make the posts in question come across less like business propositions and more like texts you'd send family members and friends. Emojis can help businesses come across as more relatable.

What about branding, which is another field where emojis can come into play? Anyone that has worked in advertising will tell you that standing out from the crowd is essential. If your approach is similar to others, you may not be able to obtain the amount of success you're looking for. Fortunately, emojis are both visually unique and familiar. Not every business can use them due to pre-established branding, but it doesn't hurt to consider them.

As covered by a recent piece in the Search Engine Journal, emojis and SEO may be going hand-in-hand soon enough. Bing, Yahoo and even Google allow people to perform searches with emojis in place, meaning that search results will become more diverse. If you don't use these icons, there's a chance that you're missing out on some valuable digital real estate. SEO is constantly evolving, so it wouldn't be surprising to see this change occur during the next decade or so.

As you can see, emojis can be used for more than just accentuating the delight, sadness, or any other emotion conveyed in your text messages. In fact, if businesses are savvy enough, they may be able to use them to gain more attention. Emojis are not only familiar to the world at large, but they can yield numerous impressions. When the latter builds, the chances of sales being made will only grow.

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