Friday, 11 August 2017

The Most Important Mobile Questions For Website Development Companies

By Arthur Williams

Website development companies have been able to build for different platforms, but there seems to be an increase in mobile development as of late. It makes sense, especially when you consider that most people use their phones to go online. Why shouldn't websites respond well to these very devices? If you're unsure as to what mobile development will be able to do, here are some important questions that should be addressed.

"When did people start to focus on mobile?" When it comes to this subject matter, many people will tell you that mobile focus works in tandem with the growth of smartphones. It wasn't that long ago that smartphones developed into the devices we see them as today. Instead of being devices we use solely for communication, they are our collective way to access entertainment and information alike. This might be where mobile design became more of a priority.

"How much of Internet access is through smartphones?" According to reputable names such as Lounge Lizard, about one third of collective Internet access is done through smartphones. What this means is that iPhones, LGs and the like have earned quite a bit of market share in this respect. In fact, it's safe to say that this number is only going to grow as smartphones gain more ground. Any web design company will say the same.

"How can I get my site to load faster on mobile?" If you see that your website either hiccups or generally loads slowly on mobile devices, there are ways to increase performance. You can make your site more responsive by either reducing or compressing the content that you have. After all, photos and videos can take up quite a bit of space, meaning that sites will require more time to process anything. By reducing their respective sizes or taking them out of the picture completely, performance will improve.

"Are there any setbacks to keeping mobile development away?" When it comes to the setbacks in question, perhaps the most serious is the loss of SEO influence. Google, as well as other search engines, treat mobile-friendly sites as more reputable. As a result, they're likely to rank higher, which is a great benefit for both small and large establishments alike. This is one of the biggest reasons why you shouldn't keep mobile development away.

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