Monday, 3 July 2017

Alarming Reasons To Make You Use Toothpaste Alternatives

By James Evans

Mouth washing is a hygienic exercise done in most of the families at least twice in a day. Both in the developed and the developing countries, people use toothpaste manufactured by different companies. With the discovery of new flavors and ingredients, these companies use chemicals that have long time side effects to human beings. Many toothpaste alternatives can save you from the listed effects that occur after using the commercial toothpaste for an extended period.

The primary objective of using toothpaste is to prevent tooth damage and improve the oral hygiene. However, its excess use leads to damage of teeth by wearing out the enamel and giving a dark coloring to the teeth. They contain the abrasive agent called hydrated silica that prevents re-mineralization which leads to teeth generating cavities.

These brushing ingredients are made with different chemicals and toxic ingredients that predispose people to serious health trepidations. When brushing, the chemicals get into the blood stream without any mode of filtering in the mouth. Some chemicals like triclosan are known for causing allergies and the propylene glycol causing lung irritation. These are harsh chemicals used in the paste and should be avoided at all costs.

Conventional mouthwash pastes are added with flavors and sweetening ingredients that have a long term effect. Aspartame is the most common sweetener in the market, and it has scientifically been proven as a causative of various health anomalies. Depression and accumulation of weight are the major effects of its use, and it is advisable you avoid the use of such pastes.

The major reason why people brush their teeth is to ensure they remain clean and white in color. People who have colored teeth come from regions that have a high level of fluoride in the water. However, water is not the only causative of these colored teeth. The presence of fluorine in the brushing paste also contributes to the discoloration and decay of teeth to people who have used it in a long time.

Sodium lauryl sulfate is a chemical used in the manufacturing of toothpaste. The chemical causes mouth ulcers commonly known as canker sore which forms shallow sores in the mouth amounting to discomfort and pain when talking or eating. However, some companies use terms like Sodium salt sulfuric and sodium salt in the ingredient list to hide the identity of this dangerous substance.

Strong teeth are not sensitive to ice creams and hot drinks. They also allow you to eat hard fruits like the sugar cane and apples. Regular use of whitening toothpaste has contributed to sensitive teeth greatly. The chemical elements that are used for whitening the teeth leave them in a weak position, and they cannot withstand some common chewing exercise.

With all these teeth damaging chemicals in the conventional toothpaste, you will need to look for other brushing alternatives. Dry brushing, use of hydrogen peroxide, use of coconut oil and oil pulling are some of the recommended ingredients that you should use to clean your teeth and experience no effect. They are also cheap and available in the local stands, and their use will ensure you do not experience the different health effects mentioned in the article.

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