Tuesday, 21 March 2017

Why A Humorous Project Management Blog Is Needed

By Charles Cooper

Targeted blogs can provide a lot of things for people, whether for marketing concerns or for explicating technical concerns in simpler ways. The main qualities for this type of writing are clarity, conciseness, accessibility and a conversational and friendly tone and manner. For some of those in need of good online resources, some blogs can offer specific views.

Company managers often stay on the serious side, but this they know to be somewhat of a barrier when trying to engage or reach out to employees. A humorous project management blog helps folks find ways for making creative engagement that moves a project forward in the right way. And to make this in an environment that is not heavy with but light with all the needed issues.

First of all, humor in a blog must be used judiciously, for whatever point that is being made. It can be used to punctuate a sample situation of a delicate or problematic issue, or be a good transition point that presents the next point. A common mistake for people is not harnessing the potential of humor for purposes of moving things forward.

With regards to managing a project, a humorous article can lighten pros and cons or soften critical analysis towards a more constructive one. The need for it as a catalyst is also something that should be studied, and it is important when management is mired in too much hardcore but useless dogma. The project manager accessing humor in a blog can be inspired to think out of the box.

Also, you do not need to be funny all the time, and the good blog will tell you this. Too much laughter tends to derail focus and can emotionally affect an audience in subterraenean ways. Also, the need for clean humor and noncontroversial is something hard to achieve but very effective when people realize that this is so.

Malice is never something to use in a blog, and its nuances are too complex except for experienced bloggers. Lightheartedness can carry the topic over the hump, when boredom can take over the show. And a blog is only effective when it illustrates how jokes are made for certain effects useful for moving projects forward.

Great comedic artists all have one thing in common, and that is the ability to time their jokes and punchlines to achieve a maximum effect. Thus timing is a form of creative control that can unlock possibilities with an audience. When this is successful, time is managed efficiently and there is no need to make further longwinded explanations that can only complicate things.

Humor is a tool for writers, like all else they use for writing. The need is to be always relevant andnot get tangled in trying to follow a line to nowhere. In this way, comedy will seem like the useless and even malicious thing that many unconsciously think it to be.

Blogs can be targeted by using comedy, but in terms of putting it on for relief, because that is a lazy and irresponsible thing to do. On the ideal plane, real relief is something given through enlightenment, when better views come into sight. If the blog achieves this alone, you can say it is an excellent one.

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