Thursday, 23 March 2017

Enhancement Of Walkers With Four Wheels For Seniors

By Michelle Hughes

As people, age so does the functions of its body and the strength decreases as time passes by. It reduces the mobility and ability to have balance as a person grows old. Cranes can be utilized by those that are not completely weakened by time, but for other senior citizens and a handicapped person, they seek the assistance of walkers to get on with their daily lives.

The first apparatus devised to aid aged people was in 1953, patented and named walker. It was a four legged steel frame that assists aged person to walk around and gain stability by holding on to this apparatus. Then, the invention got enhanced first by adding two wheels in front to promote easy locomotive activities, and today walkers with four wheels for seniors have been created with additional functionalities.

Previously, the first model of walker needed arm strengths for old and disabled people to be able to move the apparatus forward. Some might desire to drag the item periodically, but it makes it more uncomfortable to use especially for incapacitated individual. Issues with arm exhaustion have been reported and considered a factor for improving the next model.

Then the two wheeled walkers were invented to improved the utilization of the previous model for walking exercises removing arm stresses and eased the apparatus for dragging purposes. With the help of the two rollators at the front of its steel frame improved movability compared to its followed designs acquiring minimal force, energy, and enjoyable experience for the senior community.

Yet, the enhancements for the equipment never halted. Creators felt like it needs more wheels for more comfortable use and an instant seat for the user. Adding four wheels to the walker removes more drag than the previous concepts that were made, more comfortable, plus additional specifications that both senior and disabled citizens find essential.

The device has an added seat function where seniors can utilize after a tiring walk outside. It is also highly portable for space friendly around homes with its ability to be folded and inserted in spaces. A straightforward invention that and more functional compared to its predecessor.

Aside from having a seat, it also includes a storage area just beneath the seat. In some parts of the world, grown up children tend to leave their homes at the age of 18 or 21 leaving parents to grow old with their partners or in other cases alone. Having storage area in this device allows them to carry their items around without exerting too much effort.

For incapacitated persons, especially those that are not already able to move or walk can utilize some walkers with far more advancements. Adding a motor on the apparatus makes it easy to go around for disabled people with just a press of a button. It also includes storage compartments and other functionalities that can make the life of a disabled person easy.

Although these developments have been very useful, new models are still developed acknowledging other situations that senior citizens or handicapped person might go through. There are startup drafts that grant a walker to use stairs. The evolution of this device continues until each and every variable is fixed that completely aids the needs of the user.

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