Sunday, 19 March 2017

Business Benefits Of Asset Labeling

By Roger Young

Asset labels are numbered labels which are attached to your valuable business items. You can also use barcode labels with asset management software. As well as the number being on a label, it is also stored in a log by you - this may be a manual log or an automatic system which uses barcodes and asset management software. This article highlights the business usefulness of asset labeling.

To begin with, there exists a wide range of items that may be labeled, this includes Laptops, Tools, Protective clothing, Equipment and Any items which are very valuable or need to be tracked. Here are the benefits accruing from the practice of labeling assets:

There is a wide range of diversity when it comes to Asset labels. These can be used indoors or out even in harsh weather. In industrial environments these tags are used to identify assets for operational purposes. These labels are sometimes used for security purposes. Usually for people with a business and wants their business property protected and secured.

In order to withstand outside forces, the barcodes and data are fused into a ceramic surface on the stainless steel plate and can withstand most chemicals and temperatures of up to 1000 degrees centigrade.

If you're lending items out to customers, contractors or other colleagues, property labels make this process much more efficient to co-ordinate. It can be especially hard to keep track of items if they all look the same or similar. Where you have such property, a numerical labelling system is invaluable. Some insurance firms insist that you prove you own certain items before they will pay out. Property labels are proof of ownership.

There are many types of asset labels available in market today that give a different look and feel ranging from a plain white label with black text through to high quality 200 micron plastic labels that are extra tough and come with a very strong bond adhesive. Other types are tamper proof also known as tamper resistant that will break into tiny pieces when removed making the removal a tedious long job. 'VOID' labels that when removed leave the term 'VOID' on the item and then cannot be replaced making them tamper evident.

Goods marked with labels will be recognizable as belonging to your company at a glance, as you can have the labels personalized with your company logo and details - if items do go missing, you're also more likely to get them back. Many types of businesses and organizations benefit from item labels such as schools, manufacturers, IT firms, government departments, police, universities, healthcare firms and more.

Simply put, item labels are an investment which can save your company money in the short and long-term. You'll waste less time and money on looking for equipment and replacing items that are lost or stolen. Item labels prevent theft and item swapping. Labels are available which are permanent or which leave a VOID mark if removed, making stolen or swapped goods pretty much useless in terms of being sold on.

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