Tuesday, 10 July 2018

Examples Of Equipment For Paraplegics

By Jessica Johnson

There are times that accidents and illnesses come about and the impact that is left is very detrimental. One of the conditions that can develop is severe damage to the spinal cord. However, after such a condition, the individual can still move on with normal life as they learn to adjust. There are a number of equipment for paraplegics that one can be instructed to use. They can be prescribed by a physical therapist, doctor or occupational therapist. Here are some of the items that can be applied.

Equipment that helps them in eating play a significant role. They are applicable for those with quadriplegia. These patients have a situation that can either be paralysis of the arms or partial disabilities. Manufacturing of the items is in such a way that they can easily grasp the objects that they use to feed and also do not easily slip. Long handles and inclusion of plastic guards enable them to feed with ease.

Introduce dressing equipment. The individual will have a tough time as they try to fit some clothes on. Assist them by fixing some items on their clothes that can make it easy to remove or put on without them having to call out for help. As they discover that they can handle such a task, they try more, and the healing process moves forward.

It is also wise to try and install bathroom items. The tools will enable them to deal with bathroom issues. Showering can be hard if there are no items such as roller showering chairs that are fixed for them in the bathroom. Toilets can have grabs to facilitate their activities while still giving them privacy in the room.

To facilitate operation of phones, writing and typing, use a device that sticks in their hand. Holding the pen firmly without it slipping off is a hard task. Yet the individual needs to carry out some tasks such as writing, operate a phone or computer. Make use these pieces to assist in undertaking such task to ensure that their privacy is respected and given some independence.

In addition, environmental control units are used. There are devices that are applicable and when the solution is too much. The patient gets to control items such as the television, light and even doors and windows without having to touch these things physically. Most of them have a pad where they just touch and the item functions. It reduces their over-dependence and also improves their comfort.

Wheelchairs and clutches are a way of facilitating their movement. There is a choice for an electric chair and the other which is operated manually. The choice of these movement enablers are made based on their level of impairment. Some can partially move while others cannot move at all and hence the variation. Their choice of independence is also considered when making a choice.

In conclusion, exercise tools are another set of products that are needed. Exercise is essential for the healing process. However, it is not possible for the individuals to undertake these activities like an average person due to some impairment that could have occurred to their body parts. There is a variety of equipment that are prescribed to help them with this activity and which do not pose a risk.

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