Monday, 25 June 2018

The Best-Selling Gaming Systems That An Internet Marketing Company Should Note

By Rob Sutter

Were you one of the lucky ones that managed to snag a Nintendo Switch, PS4 or Xbox One during the holidays? While you may be enjoying your new gadgets, it's important to be aware of the ones that have sold the best over the years. Some of these are older than others, but gamers across the board still regard them as classics. To understand what the best-selling video game platforms in history are, here is some information provided by Internet marketing companies.

PlayStation 1 - Sony's first true outing into the video game console world was a successful one. According to companies like fishbat, this system did well due to a number of reasons. Not only did it boast a library of games including Rayman and the Crash Bandicoot series, but it allowed gamers to play their audio CDs as well. During its lifetime, the PS1 sold over 102 million units, which is a great place for this list to begin.

Game Boy - Including its other iterations, like the Color, the Game Boy moved well over 118 million copies. This is perhaps the most well-known, though not best-selling, handheld in the world. Not only did it popularize the idea of portable gaming experiences, but it brought a number of classic titles during its time in retail. Such titles as Pokemon Red and Blue, Super Mario Land, and the ever-popular Tetris are a collective testament to this.

Nintendo DS - While the Game Boy did very well in the long term, an Internet marketing company can tell you that it didn't perform to the level that the Nintendo DS did. Not only did it sell over 154 million units, but it incorporated the clamshell-like build that future DS iterations would implement. Furthermore, its library of games allowed the DS to be one of those systems that people would play over the years. Super Mario 64 DS, Pokemon HeartGold and SoulSilver and Dragon Quest IV stand as some of the system's most popular games.

PlayStation 2 - Topping the list at over 155 million units sold, the PlayStation 2 is one of the most important video game systems in history. Not only did it allow players to use it as a CD or DVD players, but it game with online capabilities, meaning that players could play with each other over the Internet. Once again, the PS2 was home to a number of popular games that those in the early-to-mid 2000s can recall today. Shadow of the Colossus, Okami and the Grand Theft Auto series are just some of the standouts.

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