Friday, 21 April 2017

A Brief Overview Of Madagascar Minerals

By Arthur Johnson

Madagascar is an island nation on the south eastern end of Africa. It is separated from mainland Africa by the 300 miles wide Mozambique Channel. Its unique land formations and geographical position have led to the discovery of unique and prestigious Madagascar minerals that are like no other extractions around the world. These stones have been used for ornamental purposes because of their colors, strength and unique patterns.

Diopside ranks among the most famous and common extractions. This stone is light green in color with a pyroxene feel. The mining world has fallen in love with this stone because of its white color and the fact that the composition of aluminum is very low. Further, it has no iron. The most common use is decoration of surface tops especially tables and floors. It gives these surfaces a unique appearance.

Scientists are also excited by the presence of gold in the Madagascan region. Its quality is another amazing realization. It is found on ancient primary rocks and riverbeds on the central axis. Other precious stones discovered alongside the gold include zircon, garnet, aquamarine and sapphire. The beauty of these gemstones has made them popular and attractive around the world.

Beryl is a rare find on the Madagascan Island. The variety found here is distinguished by the pink rose coloration and is sometimes christened morganite by mineral experts. The general color is exquisite with each stone exhibiting unique color and pattern properties. Gem dealers love Madagascan beryl because of its limpidity and colorful nature. This stone has beaten others extracted from different regions around the world.

The region is also endowed with the prestigious tourmaline that is used for decorative purposes. You have the option of different shades that include violet-red, rose, yellow, red, green and blue. These stones have crystal formations that make them extremely beautiful. They help craftsmen to decorate luxurious surfaces as well as produce unique products that are later sold at a premium.

These minerals have found uses in the most unique products to make surfaces and decorative items. Labradorite is specifically used for luxurious table and surface tops. It gives your surface an electric midnight feel with its combination of neon blue, black and white feel. You also have the option of a blue apatite top that is equally luxurious but gives you more blue coloration than the night neon feel.

With Madagascar being an island nation, the stones have found contextual uses in sculptures. You have incredible sculptures like dolphins that are mounted on discs. The favorite stone that comes with the blue ocean feel is the labradorite. You may also order the rose quartz heart, petrified wooden vessel sink or the chestnut jasper bear feeding on fish.

Madagascan stones have presented an incredible collection of minerals and luxurious stones. These extractions have been used to transform surfaces, giving them a luxurious feel. They have ranked top above gems from other countries and beaten them in their glamour.

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