Friday, 10 February 2017

Benefits Of Using Barcode Warehouse Management System

By Nancy Taylor

Poor inventory management is one of the major challenges constraining business growth in the modern business world. The dynamic nature of all profit making enterprises necessitates the use of barcode warehouse management system. Failure to adopt the new technology has seen companies crumbling due to revenue stagnation. Most entrepreneurs fear that use of the barcode technology will lead to loss of customers and reduced revenue. Although this happens at the early stage of implementing the technology, your revenues will grow fast soon enough.

Many entrepreneurs have not yet absorbed the use of barcode ware house management system due to fear of losing customers and revenue. However, this may not be true, because the technology has multiple benefits. Entrepreneurs are advised to absorb this technology as soon as possible before they are faced out by their competitors who employ the barcode technology. Here are some of the major benefits of using this technology.

The use of this technology is simple and does not require extensive training. Excel spreadsheets are still being employed in many warehouses across the nation. Resistant to change and fear of the unknown has made many entrepreneurs stick to this old method. Real time retrieval of any data is made accessible by using barcode technology. Do not wait until everybody else is using the technology, implement it now.

Implementing a barcode system in your business is profitable in the long run. Although the cost of barcode labels may be significant, think about reducing the overhead expenses in the future. This will be effected by reducing time wasted on training excel spreadsheet use, cutting down on labor as well as reducing the cost of carrying excess inventory. Another way that this technology can increase your income is the deductions that one is allowed to make deductions for your inventory costs. Use of this technology lets you know the exact amount of inventory allowing you to deduct.

Unlike a decade ago, this technology is now easily available, and anyone can implement it. The sooner your business adopts the barcode management system, the better. Implementing this technology will save time and money in the long run. It is advisable to avoid waiting until you notice missing and damaged inventories because at this period you will have lost a lot. Save your money now and implement this technology before you see significant losses.

The use of barcode warehouse technology can reduce errors in your business. Manually monitoring activities such as receiving, packing, picking, shipping and cycle counting are marred with multiple errors. It is estimated that only one error is made for every ten thousand barcode scans compared to ten errors in every one thousand manual keystrokes.

Moreover, barcode technology will guarantee your items secure. Every item being accurately monitored eliminates mixups and inconveniences, which may have detrimental effects, especially in the healthcare and pharmaceutical industries. Additionally, barcodes can be traced and audited, ensuring that no theft of your goods while in transit.

Barcode technology allows tracking of items in the store. This allows easy retrieval and inventory taking. As opposed to the manual system where all the records will be to be keyed in or written down, the new technology offers a quick way of getting entering these files by just a simple scan. Saving time in entering data releases workforce to handle other specialized tasks increasing productivity.

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